Jabuka Budimka
Budimka starts bearing fruit quite late, only 10 years after the planting, but once it starts yielding fruit, it offers quite rich harvest. A 20-year old tree yields 250–350kg of fruit. The fruit is medium to large and round. The skin is greenish-yellow with pale pink blush on the sunny side. The flesh is whitish, firm, sweet with a touch of acidity. The fruit is mostly used for industrial purposes and to a lesser degree as a table apple.
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Red Boskop Kožara
It is harvested in the second half of Septembre. The tree is medium luxuriant to luxuriant. It blossoms early and is sensitive to frost, drought and wind. It mostly yields an average number of fruits. This rustic apple has large and round fruit. The flesh is light yellow, firm, juicy, tart and fragrant. The apple stands up well to cooking. Generally Boskoop varieties are very high in acid content and can contain more than four times the vitamin C of Granny Smith or Golden Delicious.
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jabuka gloster
The fruit ripens in mid October. It is quite resistant to frost. The fruit is large to very large, truncated conical in shape. The skin is mostly covered in dark red blush. The flesh is pale yellow, juicy, sweet to mildly sour, with not so pronounced aroma.
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jonagold jabuka
Jonagold is a high-quality sweet-sourish dessert apple of crisp and juicy texture. It belongs to very late cultivars. The fruit is of good taste, large and striated red. The flesh is very juicy, aromatic and high-quality.
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prima jabuka
Prima apples are picked in the second half of August. the fruit is medium large, with yellowish, firm and juicy flesh of pleasant taste. The skin is dominantly light red, and the ground colour is green-yellow.
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Mucu jabuka
The skin is yellowish-green, while some fruit receive slight pink blush on the sunny side. The flesh is firm, juicy, sweet and a bit sour. The fruit ripens in late September, early October.
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Rojal Gala
Royal Gala fruit is round, of yellow ground colour with red blush on the sunny side, medium large and ready for picking in late August – early September. The fruit is of exceptional quality, crisp and juicy, mildly sweet in taste.
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The fruit is medium large, round-conical, slightly ribbed, appealing. The skin is thin, pale green, covered in red blush that is not so intensive as in Red Jonathan. The flash is pale yellow, wine-sourish, of good taste and flavour. Good for transport. It ripens in mid September.
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Summer red is a bright red, crisp, juicy apple, sweet-sourish in taste. It is a good dessert apple and excellent cooking apple.
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Spartan apples are picked in September and are best for consummation from September to December. The flesh is very juicy, firm, show-white, very sweet, with a touch of acidity.
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red čif campsur
Red chief fruit is elongated and red to dark red when fully ripe. The flesh is greenish-white and crisp. It is very sweet, aromatic and juicy.The best time of year for picking fruit is first half of September.
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el star
Fruit of Elstar variety is medium large. It is golden-yellow with striated red blush. The flesh is rather firm, slightly acid and aromatic. It ripens in the last ten days of August.
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