Druadova Kruška
This is a medium luxuriant pear variety that ripens in mid October. It bears very large fruit. The tree is quite persistent to frost and drought. This variety is extensively used as an intermediary in grafting less resistant varieties on quince rootstock.
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Kruška Santa Maria
Santa Maria tree has a medium luxuriant tree top and ripens in mid August. It yields a lot of fruit. The fruit is medium large to large, of greenish-yellow ground colour, with a pronounced blush on the sunny side. Its flesh is white, juicy, sweet-and-sour, with not so distinguishing flavour.
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Passe Crassane
The skin is of shades of green, yellow and brown.The flesh is white, aromatic, sweet and sour, with a lot of sugar and acid. The tree blooms mid-early, and its fruits are picked in October.
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The skin is dark red at first, and as the fruit rippens, it turns lighter red. The flesh is off-white, mellow and very pleasant. The fruit matures in mid August. The tree is luxuriant and branching a lot, it bears a lot of fruit and blossoms rather late.
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kruska julska sarena
Colorée de Juillet
The Colorée de Juillet tree starts bearing fruit early and yields very well. The fruit of redish-yellow, small, elongated, pear-like in shape, moderately juicy and sweet and sour.
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The fruit of Conference variety is green, relatively large to large, with greenish-yellow skin, pear-like in shape. It matures for picking in late September. The flesh is yellow and aromatic, with a lot of sugar. It regularly yields a lot of fruit if it is adequately pruned and protected.
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Watermelon Pear
The Watermelon Pear belongs to the old native Serbian varieties. It has crimson skin and flesh reminiscent of watermelon, hence its name. Its taste is sweet and a bit tart. The fruit matures in mid August.
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kruska butira
It starts yielding fruit early, and once it starts, it regularly yields fruit and abundantly.The fruit matures in the second half of July and early August. It is relatively large, greenish-yellow in colour, tinged with red, of characteristic pear-like shape. The flesh is off-white, firm, sweet with a touch of acidity and quite tasty. The skin is smooth and speckled. The fruit can be maintained 4-5 months.
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Plodovi kruške karmen
The fruit is large and aromatic, with bright red blush on 20–30% of its skin. The fruits are quite resistant and can be maintained in cold storage for up to two months. The fruits ripen in early August.
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The tree of this variety blooms relatively early. It starts yielding fruit soon after planting, and then it is regularly and well harvested. The fruits are large, with smooth greenish-yellow skin, with a pink blush on the sunny side. The flesh is firm, sweet-and-sour and very pleasant in taste. It ripens in early October.
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Bella du Giugno
Fruit seedlings of this cultivar originate in Italy. The cultivar ripens in late June. The fruit is small, elongated and pear-like. The skin is smooth, yellowish-red. The flesh is yellowish, sweet, juicy and quite aromatic. It bears fruit regularly.
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