The fruit of Cosford hazelnut is medium large. It ripens mid-late in late September. The shell is quite thin – of extensive red colour when ripen and having the same colour as inner kernel which is smooth and red. In the cluster there are approximately 1 and a half fruits or, according to certain sources, between 2 to 4 fruits.
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Halski Džin
Hall’s Giant
The fruit of Hall's Giant hazelnut is ready for picking in late August or early September. The fruit itself is extremely large, oval to conical in shape and rather flatten. There are up to 5 fruits in the cluster. The shell is dark brown in colour. The husk is the size of the fruit or a bit longer. Kernel ratio is around 37%.
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Red Lambert
Red Lambert hazelnut variety ripens for picking in late August. The husk is longer than the fruit itself with shell of medium firmness having beautiful striped surface. Having its husk quite developed, it is regularly picked from the tree rather than shaken out. There are up to 7 fruits in its cluster.
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