jupiter orah
The shell of Jupiter walnut is smooth with a kernel filling it well and having ratio of around 50%. The kernel itself is a bit darker in colour, but of a good quality. The variety is recommended for growing in areas with a continental climate, but it also gives good results in Mediterranean areas.
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Although it belongs to late varieties, picking of Chandler walnut fruit can start as early as in September, when the fruit is not completely ripen. Apart from its yielding potential, Chandler walnut features fruit of exquisite quality. The fruit is medium-large to large.  Due to its poor vigour it is not suitable for industrial tree plantations and is therefore recommended mostly for fruit consuming.
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The fruit of Franquette walnut is medium large, elongated and tapering with a prominent suture. Its shell is thin, firm and having nice bright colour. The kernel is very bright, of exquisite taste and separating easily from shell. The kernel is of superior quality with an average ratio of 48%. It is ripe for picking in mid September.
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Walnut of Rasna variety contains kernel of nice bright colour. Having somewhat smaller kernel ratio is the only disadvantage to this cultivar. Apart from that, the variety is recommended for wider growing in areas with continental climate. The fruit is ripe for picking in early September.
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The shell of Champion nut variety nicely encloses a beautiful and bright kernel having 67% of oil content. The kernel ratio is 58%. The fruit of this variety is ripe for picking in early September.
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Geisenheim 139
Being quite resistant to low temperatures, Gazenhajm 139 walnut cultivar can be grown in areas with colder climate. The fruit is medium large with smooth and easily cracking shell. It is ripe for picking in mid October.
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The fruit of Sheinovo walnut is medium large, oval in shape with easily cracking shell. The kernel is dark yellow in colour and of superior quality. It is ripe for picking in mid September.
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