Druadova Kruška
This is a medium luxuriant pear variety that ripens in mid October. It bears very large fruit. The tree is quite persistent to frost and drought. This variety is extensively used as an intermediary in grafting less resistant varieties on quince rootstock.
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Kruška Santa Maria
Santa Maria tree has a medium luxuriant tree top and ripens in mid August. It yields a lot of fruit. The fruit is medium large to large, of greenish-yellow ground colour, with a pronounced blush on the sunny side. Its flesh is white, juicy, sweet-and-sour, with not so distinguishing flavour.
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Bosc pears are harvested in the first half of September. It is suitable to different growing styles. It yields a lot of fruit. The fruit itself is large and bottle-shaped. the flesh is yellowish, juicy, sweet and aromatic. Fruit keep well on trees when ripe.
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It yields smaller number of fruits per tree but the fruit is of great quality. It ripens and harvested in late September. the fruits are medium-large to large. The flesh is juicy and tasty.
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Crvena VIljamovka
Williams Red
Williams Red is harvested in the second half of August or in early September. Its fruits are large and of yellow ground colour, with a red blush covering almost the entire fruit. The flesh is yellowish, juicy, quite melting, sweet-sour in taste and of very pleasant flavour.
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Kruška VIljamovka
Williams Yellow
The fruits of the Williams variety are harvested in the second half of August. the fruit is medium large to large, with uneven skin, of green ground colour that in time turns to golden yellow, with a slight blush on the sunny side. The flesh is juicy and melts in the mouth. It has specific muscat flavour and a very pronounced pleasant taste.
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The tree of this variety blooms relatively early. It starts yielding fruit soon after planting, and then it is regularly and well harvested. The fruits are large, with smooth greenish-yellow skin, with a pink blush on the sunny side. The flesh is firm, sweet-and-sour and very pleasant in taste. It ripens in early October.
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