Hayman’s ruby
This sour cherry variety ripens in late June. The fruit of this exclusively industrial variety is large, ruby red and of excellent quality.
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This variety is in picking season in late June or early July. The fruit is dark red, with thin, smooth, shiny skin. The meat is medium firm, slightly sour and aromatic. Rexele variety has a slightly smaller fruits than Hayman's ruby and is good for mechanized picking.
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Erdi botermo
Erdi Bötermö
Erdi Bötermö is a Hungarian variety of sour cherry. Since the Hungarian name was difficult to spell, the plant was given another name in the USA: Danube. It bears medium-sized, deep red fruit with red firm flesh, uniquely sweet-tinged flavor and a lot of red juice (it contains 17% of dry matter). The fruit is great for deep freezing so you can enjoy a cake with “fresh” sour cherries in the middle of winter.
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Meteor višnja
Meteor cherry variety ripens in the first half of June. It bears large fruit of amarelle type. Its yellow flesh is mildly acidic and quite juicy. This light red skinned cherry gives pale red juice that is quite sough-after for the industrial production, especially in confectionery and in juice production. Stone is easily separated from flesh. It holds well in transport.
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Kelleris 16
The fruit of this cultivar ripens in late June or first ten days of July. The plant blooms late but yields fruit regularly and abundantly. Fruits are large (approximately 5g), elongated, dark red, slightly aromatic, with deep red flesh and juice. Due to its exceptionally tasty fruit, it is perfect for eating fresh but also good in preserves (due to its sweet taste it is not suitable for juice making). Fruit is easily separated from stalks.
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Fruit of Oblachinska variety ripens in late June. It is quite small in size, with dark red skin and red sweet and sour flesh that is fairly firm and aromatic.
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This is the cultivar that deserves to be grown more widely for its high-quality fruits and abundant bearing. It has the largest fruit among sour cherry varieties. The fruit is 6g in average, reniform, with red to deep red, smooth and glossy skin. The flesh is ruby red, semi-firm, juicy, acidic and aromatic, giving intensely colored juice. The stone is small, with the flesh ratio of about 95%. Shumadinka is suitable for both fresh use and all forms of processing. It belongs to late ripening cultivars.
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