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Budimka starts bearing fruit quite late, only 10 years after the planting, but once it starts yielding fruit, it offers quite rich harvest. A 20-year old tree yields 250–350kg of fruit. The fruit is medium to large and round. The skin is greenish-yellow with pale pink blush on the sunny side. The flesh is whitish, firm, sweet with a touch of acidity. The fruit is mostly used for industrial purposes and to a lesser degree as a table apple.

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Apple variety Budimka is an old Serbian variety that got its name after the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Hungary, Buda. The fruit is picked from second half of October to December, and belongs to real winter varieties. It can be stored until spring and it is best for consumption after it was stored for some time. The tree is quite resistant to winter and late frost. Due to its genetic characteristics, which does not require extensive use of agrotechnic and pomotechnic measures, Budimka is a queen among apples.

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