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Cacak’s Beauty plum variety is ready for picking in late July and early August. The fruit is medium large, oval in shape and very appealing to the eye. The fruit’s peel is dark blue, getting blue in colour well ahead of the maturity of the fruit itself. The flesh is firm and juicy with aromatic sweet-sourish taste. The pit easily detaches from the flesh (freestone variety).

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Cacak’s Beauty plum variety was created in Fruit Research Institute of Cacak. It is an early, dessert, high quality cultivar.  As less vigorous it may be grown in intensive plantings. It regularly yields a lot of fruit in all localities. It is susceptible to causal agents of red leaf spot and plum rust. However, being highly tolerant to Plum Pox Virus, it can be grown in areas where the disease is widespread. Cacak’s Beauty plum is a cultivar of exquisite quality with fruit intended primarily for dessert use. When ripen quite well, the fruit can be used for making high quality brandy.

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