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The fruit of Pozegaca plum is ripe for picking in late August or early September and even much later in colder areas and high altitude regions. It is typically oval in shape with dark blue skin heavily covered with epicuticular wax. Golden yellow in colour, the flesh is firm, juicy, with recognizable sweet-sourish flavour and of unparalleled quality when it comes to plum cultivars known so far.

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Pozegaca plum variety is also known as Madzarka plum. It represents a cultivar yielding fruit of the highest quality. It features wide range of different bio-economy varieties differing in fruit size and harvesting potential. It is suitable for different kinds of use. It is a freestone variety. The tree is moderately vigorous with recognizable thin and relatively short bearing branches. It is susceptible to fruit diseases, especially to Plum Pox Virus, thus limiting its further expansion.

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