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Red Berlin

The variety bears large singular and long-lasting flowers of intense red colour. Exquisite variety for cut flower production. A repeat bloomer yielding a lot of flowers. Having elegant bud of regular cup form. It can grow up to 70–90cm in height.

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Red Berlin rose is most widespread and most popular rose variety of all, mainly with singular and well shaped flowers. Having fragrant flowers, it is very popular choice of cut flower. This is a noble form variety available in large and extremely large flowers and in a choice of colours. Quite vigour, it can grow up to 100cm in height. Recommended planting density: at 30–40cm intervals or 5–6 seedlings per m². Fits perfectly in all types of gardens. It can be planted in groups, individually or in combination with other plants.

Red Berlin rose blooms from late May to first stronger frosts in winter. Spent blooms pruning is recommended in order to ensure repeat blooming. After first buds it requires around 9 weeks to start blooming in spring.

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