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It is ripe for picking in the second half of August and early September. Stanley is cultivar of medium luxuriance. The fruit is large, oval-elongated in shape, of deep blue colour and appealing to the eye. It yields double fruit sporadically. The flesh is greenish-yellow, firm, quite juicy, sweetish in flavour and of good quality. The pit is quite large and easily detaches from the flesh (freestone variety). Mellow fruit easily come off of the tree.

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Stanley plum cultivar originates from USA. It has prominent tree of medium luxuriance and branchy crown. It tolerates Plum Pox Virus and is relatively resistant to the causal agents of red leaf spot, plum rust and dry season, so it can be grown in highly affected areas. It starts to bear fruit early. A regular and heavy cropper. The fruit of Stanley cultivar is suitable for fresh consumption, for drying and brandy making and also for other kinds of processing. Due to its high cropping potential, large and attractive fruit it is highly recommended for growing. Being a good shipper it will keep most of its qualities prior to reaching end users.

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cherry plum

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c. 36g